Top 5 Applications for IP Cameras from Hikvision

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Hikvision is one of the most well-known and trusted CCTV manufacturers worldwide, developing innovative security solutions to make a safer and more secure world. Hikvision offers a diverse range of security cameras and megapixel IP cameras, providing a much higher resolution than Full HD 1080p alternatives. This means that IP cameras allow for perfect zooming in recorded video with minimal quality loss. Here are some scenarios and situations where your business could use IP cameras from Hikvision.


Hikvision has developed a comprehensive IP system for retail outlets, independent shops, and department stores to protect staff security and costly assets while simultaneously preventing internal theft and loss. Cameras can stand out and attract attention to inhibit criminals or be designed and installed for more cautious surveillance, allowing a more pleasant shopping environment. More advanced solutions include security cameras with heat mapping analysis to inform store owners which places are visited the most and ultra-low light cameras to ensure colorful images in darker locations.


Many industrial businesses need round-the-clock protection to protect their premises outside of regular working hours. Thankfully, Hikvision’s entire IP systems lead the way with low light technology, vehicle access control, and automatic event alerts.

Bullet cameras feature substantial light compensation and license plate recognition. At the same time, HD products are ideal for perimeter protection thanks to up to 4K resolution, 200m IR range, and smart detection technologies.


Hikvision has created a smart banking surveillance solution that allows financial institutions to bring together different locations, from branch offices to service centers, into a centralized monitoring system. This mitigates the threat of theft; it can also improve efficiency, accountability, and customer satisfaction. IP cameras can monitor entrance lobbies with heavy customer traffic, cash machines, and over-the-counter transactions.


In addition to protecting the well-being of passengers, surveillance cameras are usually required for public transportation to deliver a better response to traffic accidents. However, raised passenger numbers and bigger transportation hubs mean that pickpocketing and disorderly behavior have also become critical concerns. But both analog and TVI products from Hikvision can provide effective on-board CCTV, which will give all residents a greater sense of safety. A centralized security center can also provide routine playback, real-time tracking, instant messaging, and analytical reporting.


Featuring vital functions, statistical reports, and automated access management, Hikvision’s smart parking security solution does more than just deter and detect vehicle theft. IP cameras can capture sharp color images in extremely low-light conditions and record every second of footage for trustworthy review.

Hikvision’s multi-imaging cameras are furnished with either four or eight fixed imagers to give a 180-degree or 360-degree panoramic horizontal view, which can ensure the flow of traffic and resolve disputes efficiently. IP cameras featuring smart auto-tracking and detection are also on hand for better perimeter monitoring.