International Trademark Registration: A Guide To Protecting Your Brand

Trademark protection is an important part of protecting your business brand and brand identity. A trademark is a generic term for a brand’s signature, as well as the rules and practices that govern the brand. Trademark registration protects the distinctive origin of a brand, as well as its use, reputation, and appearance.

A trademark provides legal protection and prevents others from using the same or a similar mark to market similar goods or services.

No matter where your business is based, you need to protect your brand. If your business operates globally, or you have an online presence where others can find your company, a global trademark registration is a must.

Trademark Registration

A trademark may only be used by the owner of the mark, and may not be used by anyone else without permission from the trademark owner. To prevent others from using the same or a similar mark, you must register your mark with the Trademark Office.

The international trademark registration gives you the right to use your mark in the United States to stop others from using the same or a similar mark in connection with the sale of goods or services in the United States.

  • Registration covers not only the mark but also the name of the owner.
  • Register your trademark in the country where you do business

Your trademark registration works only if you register the mark in the country where you do business. Registering your trademark in the country where you conduct your business prevents others from using your mark in that country to trade on your trademark.

If you choose not to register your mark in the United States, your trademark registration will be good for only the country where you register your mark. If you want to protect your trademark all over the world, you must register your mark in the country where you do business.

Keep Up With Trademark Renewal Requirements

Once you register your mark, you must renew your registration every time it comes up for renewal.

Registration is “renewed” every time you file a complete application for renewal. Trademark renewal requirements are the same as for any federal federal government application—an initial filing fee and a Federal Search Fee.

Use A Trademark Symbol

You must use your mark in capital letters or the mark with which it is registered as part of a trademark symbol (see image below). You can also use the common symbols that are found on your application to show the registrar that you are using them. If you do not use one of these symbols, the USPTO could revoke your mark due to failure to use a mark as required.

Trademarks are designed to protect your business name, logo, or slogan from being used by others without your permission. If you want to protect your brand, you need to register your trademark with the federal government.

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