How To Clean A Greasy Cell Phone Screen?

With the frequency of use of smartphones, it is normal for spots to appear on the screen and the back of the device. This is because the natural oiliness of hands and fingers leaves marks on objects over time. The problem is that such oiliness accelerates the process of degradation of the material, reducing the useful life of the cell phone. It is essential to use adequate, good quality film and cape to avoid this. But if the issue of stains on the device is already an inconvenient reality, there are safe ways to clean the device. Are they:

Use a microfiber towel: you should avoid wiping the cell phone screen with the edge of your shirt. The fabric of the clothing is too rough and can scratch the device. The ideal is to use a microfiber towel available in accessory stores;

apply a thread of detergent: it is possible to use a little detergent to clean the smartphone screen, as long as it is diluted with water. For this, it is necessary to moisten the tip of the microfiber cloth and pass it over the screen;

Invest in specific products to clean your cell phone screen: there are some specific products to remove grease stains from your cell phone screen. They are usually sold in specialized stores.

What Types Of Materials Are Best For Cleaning?

Using any cloth when cleaning a stain or dirt from your cell phone screen can damage your device. Having a clean display is essential to making the most of your smartphone, so we’ve separated some of the most suitable materials for this process!

Microfiber Cloth

This is one of the best options available for sanitizing your smartphone. With it, you can apply products efficiently on the surface of your display, ensuring greater transparency when using the device. This type of cloth is ideal, as it does not leave any lint behind, always ensuring quality hygiene.

Adhesive Tapes

As strange as it may seem, sticky tapes are a great way to clean some types of dirt from your phone’s screen, especially the edges. They can eliminate small fragments with their glue, making it possible to remove dust and grains of sand, among others. To do this, glue them along the edges of your device so that the impurities stick to the tape.


A lightly dampened cotton is just as effective as a microfiber cloth in helping to fight dirt on your phone’s display. In addition, t-shirts, flannels, or other cotton products are handy when cleaning your device.

What Products To Use For Quality Cleaning?

As we have already mentioned, water is hazardous for electronic devices. Therefore, when cleaning your cell phone which can be done by professionals like  for example, you must use a product suitable for this type of process.

Isopropyl alcohol — also known as isopropanol — is the best cleaning product for appliances with electronic components. It doesn’t leave any residue behind and serves to clean the internal parts of the devices. You can find several “screen cleaners” on the market. They have precisely this composition and are accompanied by microfiber cloths. It is essential to point out that hydrated ethanol, popularly known as cleaning alcohol, is not suitable for this process and can leave permanent stains on your screen.