What To Expect When You Grieve: Common Emotions and grief quotes How to Manage Them

If you’ve experienced the loss of a loved one, you have likely experienced a range of emotions; you might feel numb, angry, or devastated you might also feel a sense of relief or a feeling of emptiness.

One of the most common emotions you will experience is grief – an intense experience that is an important part of the healing process.

It is natural for you to feel grief after the loss of a loved one; in fact, grief is an essential part of the grieving process which helps you deal with the loss in a healthy way.

What exactly is grief?

Grief is an emotional experience, but it is also a physical, intellectual, social, and spiritual experience- these are all part of bereavement; Grief is the emotional response to a loss and it is a normal, healthy reaction to something extremely painful; the sooner you can work through your emotions and move on, the better.

However, there are a few common emotions that you may experience when you grieve, and they are not only common emotions; they can also be confusing.

You may be irritated, frustrated, perplexed, or even resentful, it’s also normal to feel a variety of emotions grief quotes during the grieving process however, it is critical to understand how these emotions can impact your life although the physical pain of grief is often temporary, the emotions that accompany it can last a lifetime.

Grief Comes in a Variety of Forms

Some people may have a strong emotional reaction to a loss and maybe be depressed for a long time; others may be angry, guilty, or perplexed but it all depends on who the loved one was and how close you were to them.

We all grieve differently.

No matter what kind of loss you’re experiencing, you’ll most likely experience grief in your unique way – grief is a unique experience that no two people react to in the same way but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something to help you get through it and if you’re feeling stuck or don’t know how to get out of a rut, try these suggestions.

The Art of Saying Goodbye

Accepting that you are in pain is the first step in any healing process – when you accept that you are in pain, you can begin to process what happened and, eventually, move on with your life; letting go of the past is a highly individual process, it’s not something you can do for someone else. It will happen when the time is right for you.

Coping with Loss

It’s important to remember that everyone grieves in their unique way, some people mourn for a month, while others mourn for a year; some people experience intensely painful emotions, while others smile and laugh through it all; some people seem to come out unscathed – nobody is the same, and no two losses are the same; your approach to grief may be very different from how your friend handles her loss and if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for it for you are not required to do it alone.