What Is a Double Eyelid?

A double eyelid is simply an eyelid with a fold on the upper lid. Some people, particularly in Asian cultures, associate double eyelids with beauty.

The genetics behind this feature is leading, meaning only one parent needs to pass it to their child for it to show up. The gene behind monolid, on the other hand, is recessive; both parents require to pass it down for a youngster to have no eyelid crease.

Roughly 50% of the Eastern populace has a marginal double eyelid or a monolid.

Double eyelid surgery has become a popular plastic surgery among people in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, and Singapore, as well as among Oriental Americans.

When Double Eyelid Surgical Procedure Is Thought About?

Double eyelid surgical procedures in Lovely Eye Skin Clinic may be done for cosmetic or useful factors.

On the cosmetic side, one might opt for eyelid surgery since they like the look of double eyelids as opposed to monolid.

Or, they might opt for the surgical procedure due to the fact that their eyelid skin has drooped due to the all-natural loss of collagen as well as elastin in the skin that occurs with aging.

Sometimes, the eyelid may droop so reduced that it interferes with vision. Eyelid surgical treatment might as a result be utilized to correct the drooping eyelid(s), as well as prevent problems with vision.


Eyelid surgery isn’t for every person, as well as there are some factors to consider when it pertains to who makes a good candidate:

  • You need to remain in good health, without significant health and wellness concerns.
  • You need to be a nonsmoker.
  • You must not have any problems that may impair or delay healing.
  • You should not have any serious eye problems.
  • You need to have realistic goals for the end outcome.

Individuals who want to undertake surgical treatment to develop a double eyelid need to understand that going too far with the elevation of the fold included in the eyelid can look unnatural.
Speak to your healthcare provider about your face framework, eye shape, as well as goals for your surgery.