Vacancy Nurse – Don’t Miss Your Chance To Become A Valuable Part Of The Team At Netherlands

The benefits of being a Dutch Nurse include increased job security, extra income, and the chance to learn new skills. You can also find opportunities to internships and clinical placements while still employed in the Netherlands Nurse Vacancy program. These experiences give nurses the opportunity to learn about different medical settings and procedures from experienced professionals.

Nurse Vacancies In The Netherlands

There are currently a number of nurse positions available in the Netherlands. The Dutch health system requires nurses to have a minimum level of education and experience in order to be appointed as a doctor, nurse, or other professional role. In addition, some nurses may also require an additional qualification such as a degree in nursing or a related field.

  • How Many Nurse Positions are Available in the Netherlands

As of 2019, there are currently 2 nurse vacancies available in the Netherlands. This is due to the fact that many Dutch hospitals are now equipped with electronic medical record systems (EMRs), which allows for the substitution of nurses without having to wait for an available position. As such, many hospitals are looking for nurses with experience in EMR-based care.

In addition, many Dutch universities offer anesthesia and critical care courses which can lead to specialist roles as nurses in hospital settings. therefore, if you’re interested in becoming a nurse in the Netherlands, be sure to research these courses thoroughly before applying!

The benefits of being a nurse in the Netherlands include access to specialised care and working close with patients. Additionally, many Dutch hospitals offer nurseship programmes which give graduates the opportunity to work within their own hospital setting and learn about patient care from top professionals.

How To Become A Nurse In The Netherlands

There are many different types of daan vacature verpleegkundige (vacancy nurse) openings in the Netherlands. Some jobs that may be available include:

  • Registered Nurses: Registered nurses work as Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) or Midwives. They have a Master’s degree in nursing and must pass a licensure examination to become a nurse.
  • Registered Nurse Assistant: A registered nurse assistant works as a supporting role to a registered nurse and helps with patient care and administrative tasks.
  • Midwife Nurse: A midwife nurse is responsible for providing medical care to pregnant women, post-natal women, and children under the age of 18 years old.
  • Clinical Nurse Manager: A clinical nurse manager oversees a team of nurses working in one or more clinical settings.
  • Professional Nurse Assistant: A professional nurse assistant is an advanced level position that allows nurses to provide high level patient care from entry level.

Tips For Becoming A Nurse In The Netherlands

There are many exams you need to pass in order to become a Nurse in the Netherlands. The most important exam is the Dutch Nurseship Examination, which you will need to take if you want to work as a Nurse in the Netherlands. To ensure that you pass this exam, make sure you have studied for it and practice often.

You can also get a job as a Nurse in the Netherlands by doing your research and applying for jobs that are related to your nursing skills. You can also join a nursing association and learn more about the different types of Nurse jobs in the Netherlands.


Nurse vacancies in the Netherlands are a great opportunity for experienced clinicians. With the right job application and examination process, you can become a Nurse in the Netherlands. If you are a licensed nurse living in the Netherlands and are interested in advancing your nursing career, you can find the appropriate nursing position and further your career by clicking here.