The Key Benefits of Single Board Computers

5 key factors to look when buying Single board Computers - GadgetronicxSingle board computers are becoming more common these days. They function in very much the same way as a classic desktop computer with one key difference – all of the components exist on one single board (hence the name).

As we continue to uncover more applications for single board computers, it becomes more apparent what benefits they bring to the table. Here are some of the most prevalent uses of single board computers in the various settings in which they are used.

Longer Lifespan

A key benefit when looking for a Rock computer is knowing that you can get a longer usage out of it. Though the cost (more on that below) is definitely a perk, making it a more versatile piece of technology, one of the biggest selling points is the greater durability, reliability, and lifespan that it brings to the table.

Single board computers actually have a longer lifespan than your average desktop computer. That’s just another way in which they are far more cost-effective than their counterparts. For rougher environments like industrial settings, single board computers are a great way to get the most performance and bang for the buck.

Great for Harsh Environments

As mentioned above, single board computers are particularly effective when it comes to industrial applications. The biggest reason for that is that single board computers are ideal when it comes to holding up in harsh environments.

When it comes to industrial settings, there are a lot of potential deterrents for desktop computers. Heat, dust, vibrations, and even physical contact can all take your desktop computer offline. Single board computers have vibration and shock resistance, plus they generate far less heat than the average desktop computer. All of those factors combined make it possible for single board computers to hold up in harsh environments for years at a time.

Perfect for Learning Code

Coding and programming are both quite popular these days for both recreational and professional reasons. With the growing demand to learn programming and coding, single board computers have stepped up to provide a convenient, cost-effective way of teaching both hobbyists and students how to code at their own pace.

Because they are so cheap, students in university settings can bring them home to continue learning. Even if they are lost or damaged, single board computers can be replaced for relatively little, making them the perfect teaching tool for schools. Being mobile also doesn’t hurt since they can be used virtually anywhere at any time.

Huge Range of Applications

Of all the things that single board computers can offer, versatility may be the best. We’ve already talked about how they can fit into industrial settings or be used for educational purposes, either for yourself or in a school or university setting. That is just the start of what they can be used for. Single board computers are being used for military applications, security systems, medical diagnosis, and so much more.

They even have greater home use than you may have realized. Single board computers can be used as home servers (like media servers) as well as network attached storage devices. They have become quite popular as development boards, which means they have found their way into the domestic market in a big way.

Single board computers offer a huge range of benefits and applications. As they become a more viable replacement for traditional desktop computers, we will do doubt find more applications for single board computers. Because they have built-in operating systems and feel much the same as a desktop computer, there isn’t much of a learning curve required.