Advice on Picking the Best Bedside Lamps

The purpose of your bedroom should be to unwind, therefore it’s crucial to add additional levels of illumination to complement the natural light that is already present. This might be accomplished with a stunning statement chandelier or even simple bedside lights. When choosing the perfect lighting for your bedroom, a good place to start is with our helpful guide to the three major kinds of light you’ll need to ensure that this important space is getting the light it requires.

Fixtures for upwardly suspended lighting

In order to effectively illuminate a space, you must start at the ceiling with a powerful light source and work your way down. In areas with high ceilings, you may hang one of our contemporary pendant lights to create a striking statement, or you can choose for a more muted, traditional style by installing a flush or semi-flush mount from our wide variety. The pendant adds a dash of contemporary elegance, while the handmade clay shades from the lighting collection give any room a feeling of organic warmth. A number of our lighting sets have a choice of interchangeable fittings so that you may design a look that is specifically tailored for the location it will be installed in. Choosing the bedroom light fixtures is the best idea here.

Combining lamps from several collections that have the same finish will provide the impression of harmony in your bedroom. In order to calculate how many inches of light you’ll need, measure the room’s length and breadth in feet. This will assist you in selecting a ceiling fixture that is appropriate for the space. For example, a 22-inch-diameter pendant lamp would be ideal for lighting a 10-by-12-foot bedroom. Try lowering your light fixture if it is immediately over the foot of the bed to create a cosier, more intimate atmosphere. When hanging a shade, leave at least seven feet between the floor and the bottom of the shade.

Practical Advice for Designers

In spaces with few windows and natural light, a combined light and fan, like our adaptable Peregrine LED Ceiling Fan with a reversible motor, may help enhance airflow.

Using the fixture’s diameter as a point of reference will make it simple to create a sense of proportion between the light and its environment. See our article on General Ceiling Lights for more information on the many alternatives for customising the lighting in every area of your house.

Technology Lighting

Installing task lighting in your bedroom can illuminate your closet and any gloomy nooks in addition to making it easier to read at night. The ideal illumination for reading in bed is provided by wall sconces set on each side of the bed. Additionally, you’ll be able to keep more of your favourites books and other stuff on your nightstand as a result of this. 

Advice Project

The height of the bed, the size of the nightstand, and the height of the room should all be considered when placing and sizing bedside sconces. As a general guideline, sconces should be positioned four to six inches from the side of the headboard and two to four feet from the mattress. Given that these dimensions vary depending on the space and the size of the bed, it is crucial to position your sconces so that the light bulb doesn’t cast a shadow from overhead or create glare when you are reading while sitting up in bed. To ensure that the curtains and windows can operate as intended, provide adequate room around them.