5 types of adhesive materials used for product labelling and their unique benefits

Adhesives are an essential part of product labelling. They not only help keep the label attached to the product, but can change the overall look of your products and draw in new customers. Of course, different types of adhesives have different properties that make them better suited for certain applications.

Which one is the best for you? We have collected five types of adhesive materials and their benefits to help you figure it out.

1. White vinyl

This is by far the most popular adhesive material. It is strong and durable, making it perfect for labels that need to withstand harsh conditions, like outdoor usage or the elements. This gives you ultimate flexibility when it comes to using your vinyl labels. Stick them to shampoo bottles, mugs that go in the dishwasher or even campaign equipments. On top of that, the white base creates the perfect canvas for vibrant colours.

2. Glitter vinyl

Fancy adding a bit of sparkle and glamour to your labels? Glitter vinyl are the perfect choice for making your products stand out from the crowd. These beauties are not only water-resistant and tear-proof, they are also a real eye-catcher – ideal for highlighting a new product range, a special promotion or simply for upgrading your entire brand.

3. Clear vinyl

Clear labels are virtually invisible, making them the perfect choice for products that need to maintain a clean and professional appearance. Use them to create a high-class no-label look or to brand anything clear, from beverage bottles to glasses. This creates stunning effects and allows customers to see your product through the label!

4. Fluorescent vinyl

This type of adhesive is perfect for labels that need to be highly visible. Fluorescent materials are mostly used for health and safety labelling, but there is no reason you cannot have some fun with them. Why not create a limited edition range that is branded with fluorescent labels? They are bound to draw customers in.

5. Biodegradable paper

Now, paper labels are slightly different to standard vinyl labels. Paper material is much more eco-friendly; most of them are even biodegradable. That means that you can simply put them in your food waste bin, and they will break down over time, making these labels a good choice for sustainable, plastic-free products. However, do not use these around water, as the paper base is not as resistant as other personalised sticker materials.

You see, there are many types of adhesive materials available for product labelling, each with its own unique set of benefits. Which type of adhesive is best for your application? Let us know in the comments below.