Most Beautiful Beaches in Mexico 2021

With more than 500 different beaches spread across the boundaries, there is no dearth of good beaches and coastal regions in Mexico. The country shares its borders with the Pacific Ocean, Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and the Sea of Cortez. So, you can understand why there are so many beaches present around here. You can also find a number of islands and archipelagos that offer fantastic getaways. So, if you are looking to spend some alone time in peace or enjoy a rave party with your friends, you’ll find all sorts of beaches here in Mexico. Check out these most beautiful beaches in the country where you can travel to in 2021.

Tulum, Riviera Maya – on the southern end of the Mayan Riviera, you can find the Tulum beach which is not only one of the most beautiful beaches around. But it is also very rich historically and from cultural aspects. The beaches here are mostly made of white sand and there are several hills surrounding the area. These hills are great for hiking and trekking that will take you to the top from where you can get the view of the whole landscape. You’ll find several 13th-century Mayan ruins here. If you want to stay in a luxury resort, then head to the South Playa region where you’ll find an unending number of hotels raised here.

Akumal Beach, Riviera Maya – another beach around Riviera Maya, Akumal Beach is less crowded which makes it a peaceful place to be at any time of the day. If you translate the name of this place then it will come out as “Place of The Turtle”. This beach is one of the favorite destinations for large sea turtles to lay their eggs every year. You can spot them very easily when you visit here during the season. The waters of the beach allows you to swim, dive, go surfing and jet skiing as well. You can also take part in snorkeling activities here.

Playa del Amor, Cabo San Lucas – situated at the end of the Baja California Sur peninsula, Playa Del Amor is an aesthetically beautiful place in every sense. You can see the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Sea of Cortez on the other hand. You’ll see some desert patches here and there as well. So, you will come across giant cacti or sand dunes here and there. One of the most beautiful beaches on our list, you won’t be able to find a better place to enjoy a few days when you are here. Keep your camera ready and click some magnificent pictures of this very beautiful and lovely beachside area.

Balandra Beach, La Paz – present on the Baja California Sur peninsula, La Paz is the home to very beautiful Balandra Beach. This is a great choice for those who are planning to visit a place where they can enjoy their nights and spend the day relaxing. From the less popular virgin beaches to roaring pubs at night, you are going to find everything around the region. There are great snorkeling activities that can be done here and even children can take part in a wide range of water activities due to low water levels. You can also explore and hike the surrounding cliffs and take a breathtaking view of the entire landscape around this region.

Whether you want to visit the Baja California Sur peninsula or Puerto Escondido Oaxaca, you are sure to enjoy the time of your life. Mexico is the perfect destination when it comes to enjoying sea beaches. So, what are you waiting for? Make an itinerary and start packing your bags to travel to the beaches now.

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