What’s new in DayZ 2021?

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If you read this informative guide, you will understand that the DayZ plan for 2021 seems brief. However, it contains a surprising quantity of new content. There are many dayz hacks which you could use, but for that, at first you need to learn about the new things you will see in 2021.

Details on the roadmap

This year, a total of five updates are scheduled for publication. Now, here, we will talk about some of them.

New firearms and equipment

According to research, the DayZ team intends to reintroduce many weapons from the game’s heritage edition (2013 – 2018). You will see them in the current version of the game this year. However, you may see some fully new weapons as well.

That was formerly visible at the AS Val or the Desert Eagle. These two particular weapons are very strong and should be further balanced in the future – more on that later.

New environmental risks

The first adjustments have already been made in this game. The purpose of the additional threats introduced to the DayZ game world’s survivors is very vague. Data states that Adam Francuwho is the principal designer and creator of Namalsk, haven’t said anything officially about it.

Now when the update 1.09 was introduced, it brought not just the new Namalsk map, but also a significant emphasis on temperatures. However, in this new year’s DayZ version, you will see a new weather temperature.

What else?

A few years back, there was discussion of the Tisy military installation becoming a polluted zone. In this year, that could happen as well but with the proper equipment.

You may also see many gas masks and protective suits currently accessible in DayZ. However, this is not verified.

PvPve Balance will be enhanced

Less fatalities:

Additionally, the battle against sick individuals, animals, and humans should be strengthened. If you have played DayZ version 1.12, you will understand the gist we are talking about.

  1. In PvP, players should die less often and faint more frequently.
  2. Zombies strike quicker and with more force.
  3. It’s more difficult to defend against assaults.
  4. It is believed that stealth kills against zombies are more effective.
  5. People who become infected in the game, they are less likely to be drawn to silent gunfire.
  6. Individuals that have been infected gain intelligence.

The infected will become smarter

Data says that the infected in DayZ ought to get smarter in 2021. As a result, they will be able to respond more quickly to their environment. Noises emanating from doors, eating, and reloading will pique your interest just as much as a variety of light sources. Now, you can find out the dayz cheatsby contacting us. It will help you win the game more easily.

Know that the article on the DayZ Roadmap 2021 mentions expanding support for modders and creators. The developer team will gladly assist in preserving this scenario.


This year, DayZ is supposed to include additional seasonal activities. You may get to see holidays and culturally significant days like as Christmas, Easter, and Halloween.



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