The types of zombie you will see in DayZ update 1.13

As you may already hear about the updated version of DayZ 1.13, you should also find out what kind of new zombies you may get to see in this game. The survival game now has a variety of zombie kinds.

This insightful guide will tell about some of the new variations, their spawn locations, their strength, and what makes them unique to attract you play this game. It is recommended for you to know a bit about dayz aimbot as well and if you want we can help you regarding that.

Is there something missing?

There are zombie fans who have been waiting for some special features for a long time. Even before to DayZ, the mobile game Mini DayZ 2 used this concept of different zombies. However, DayZ has about ten distinct zombie species, but here we will only let you know about some special kinds.

The Different Zombie Types in DayZ and What Makes Them Unique-

They are split as follows: The various zombie varieties are not always dissimilar. They may be classified into at least four distinct primary categories, and they are-

  • Three kinds of civilians
  • Specialists: a single kind
  • Three kinds of enforcement
  • Military: three distinct kinds

Regular Zombie

  • Their health- 100 HP
  • Damage- 0,75
  • Shock injuries- 15
  • Area- Within the inland, there are villages, towns, and farmland.
  • Models of Variants, none else

Special characteristics and abilities of regular zombies

The “regular” zombies are the most reminiscent of the infected from prior DayZ versions. They are essentially a more advanced form of the Grunts kind. But this one will be with better health and ability. They are only seen in cities located farther inland. We could tell you about some dayz hacksif you are interested.

Grunt zombie

  • Health- 85 HP
  • Damage- 0,5
  • Shock Injuries- 10
  • Area- Coast
  • Models of Variants, none else

What makes them unique?

Grunts are the most vulnerable of the infected / zombies in DayZ. They are only seen in spawn cities and near the shore. Additionally, they lack unique abilities.

Specialist zombie

  • Health- 100 HP
  • Damage- 0,75
  • Shock injuries- 15
  • Certain Structures
  • Models of Variants, none else

Special characteristics:

You may identify the specialist zombies by their professional attire. Additionally, they may be found across the map in certain structures such as hospitals, industries, and prisons. They are equally as powerful as the regulars but are more visible. Among the variations you may see –

  1. Nurse
  2. A worker in the construction industry
  3. Doctor
  4. Paramedic
  5. Priest
  6. Prisoner
  7. Bikers
  8. mechanic

Runner zombies

  • Health- 50 HP
  • Damage- 0,5
  • Shock injuries- 110
  • Area- Urban areas in general
  • Models 2 Variants

The racer or runner is an undead / infected individual who lives true to its name in DayZ. Regardless of how much further you go, the sprinter will not relinquish his pursuit.

In comparison to all other undead, who have a maximum sprint distance of 250 meters before halting. The Sprinter is readily identifiable, since there are only two models in the current DayZ version 1.13. Additionally, this zombie is the least likely to hold or spread.

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