3 Land Mark Movies on Christianity

Do you know what is the greatest story ever told? Do you know what led to the formation of one of the oldest religions in the world? If these are certain things which you wish to know about, in that case, you need to watch movies on Christianity. The history of Christianity goes back to more than thousands of years. According to some of the historians, it all started in Jerusalem and then spread all over the world. Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity, went through a lot of hardship and pain to establish peace and harmony among his subjects. However, like anyone else who has ever tried to bring about a change in society, Jesus too was dealt severely with. He was crucified till death. As far as the story of Christianity is concerned, it cannot be summarized in a couple of lines. Besides, if you want to get the true flavor and thrill of it, the books available in the market aren’t going to offer you much. Want to know in detail about Christianity? There are many excellent movies on Christianity available, which offer you vivid and in-depth knowledge right from the birth of Jesus Christ till Christianity got established.

Christianity consists of different chapters. If you wish to learn about Christianity through books, in that case, you might find it very difficult to understand, as most of the books have been translated from Hebrew and Latin to English. Therefore, as a result, according to the expert, the true essence of the words could not really be portrayed. This is where movies come into the picture. For instance, a movie like The Passion of the Christ gives you a detailed account of the life and sufferings of Jesus Christ and what he did to fight against the evils of society. Visualizing history in front of you offers a different thrill and excitement altogether. Are you interested in Christianity movies, if you are, then, in that case, there are multiple different options available to you. As a matter of fact, some of the landmark movies and the history of the world are made on this particular topic. Looking for the best Christian movies? The following section would offer you some useful insight

A few movies on Christianity which you would want to watch 

If you’re planning to watch movies on Christianity, in that case, as mentioned, there are many different options available. However, talking up the best call mother following session would offer you some input.

  • Ben Hur: Ben Hur is considered to be as a masterpiece in the history of Classic Cinema. This particular movie once held the record of the maximum number of Academy Awards. Though this movie revolves around the story of a slave who later emerged as one of the leading generals of the Roman army, however, this movie also offers a very detailed account of various chapters of Christianity.
  • The passion of Christ: As mentioned, this particular movie depicts the life and sufferings of Jesus Christ. With mind blowing choreography and excellent background score, the passion of the Christ is considered to be one of the best movies on Christianity to be ever made.

  • The 10 Commandments: Like Ben Hur, 10 Commandments is also a classic movie on Christianity. In this movie, it is shown how Moses, one of the messiahs of Christianity, fled from Egypt along with thousands of Jew who were held captive.

These are only a few of the many movies on Christianity made. There are many movies in the same genre are available in different languages. If you are interested in these types of movies, in that case, you can have a look at IMDB.

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