Technology Strategies for Restaurants and Retailers After Sandy Damage

a Laundry Listing of Technology To Do’s for Restaurants and Retailers

In case your business has experienced either significant or minimal damage after Sandy and you’re likely overwhelmed about the steps needed to consider to return to normal.

If you are a restaurateur, bar, grocery or retail business proprietor as well as your business as well as your location sustained physical damage throughout the hurricane, your technology equipment might not be functioning correctly or might be completely destroyed.

Companies are frequently hardest hit financially, following a disaster, and also the luxury of buying new equipment to obtain systems back ready to go again might not be within the cards. Before tossing within the towel and spending what remains of the precious capital or getting loans to buy new equipment there are several things you can do to judge the level from the damage and hopefully, avoid wasting dough.

Listed below are some technology strategies for recovering your electronics. In every case, make sure to consult a specialist when electronics happen to be submerged in water or broken by fire and take all safety safeguards necessary.


Make certain all of your devices have power — Check routers, network switches, modems, etc. Check each cable completely to eliminate extensive water or fire damage, severed cables etc.

Check phone lines – Make certain you can aquire a dial tone by replacing phone handsets. It is possible one handset was broken and the other wasn’t. Seek advice from other people and call the local phone company to eliminate system-wide outages in your town.

You need to remember for those who have existing warranties in your devices. They might be covered in case of a tragedy. This is the time the minimal payment you’ve made in advance for that warranty takes care of!

Triage for Computers & POS Systems

The good thing is in case your computer does not have power, it does not always mean it’s totally dead. Look into the power of the computer first, by removing it and setting it up in another computer. When the test computer does not switch on, you might have rapidly determined the issue. The price of a brand new power pales compared to purchasing a new computer, to have recently saved hundreds performing this test.

If you think positive about what you can do to identify further issues, you may also test the device’s motherboard.

Finally, in case your computer has power but it is not activating or perhaps your operating-system does not start, the issue might be harder to identify. Speak to your I.T. company for service.

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